Innovate Oregon plays a vital role in supporting new organizations that are committed to our shared vision.  With a focus on promoting corporate responsibility, civic involvement and a culture of excellence, Innovate Oregon serves as a fiscal sponsor for several non-profit organizations.

When it comes to public data, transparency doesn’t always equal clarity. Hack Oregon is a community-powered non-profit building civic data projects to promote engagement, awareness and quality of life. With five projects scheduled throughout the coming months, Hack Oregon will be deeply involved in several grassroots efforts to bring together members of local communities in the region to address issues that matter most. HACK OREGON


The Oregon Badge Alliance serves as a focal point for collaborations between state institutions, employers, and the education community as we work together to build a vibrant ecosystem for badges and micro-certifications.  Mozilla’s Open Badges platform provides an online standard to recognize and verify learning.  As individuals develop 21st-century skills, they unlock career and educational opportunities, and uncover new life pathways. OREGON BADGE ALIANCE


App Camp For Girls is a place where girls can put their creative powers to work, designing and building apps, while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women mentors in the field.  The organization seeks to address the gender imbalance in technology professions by inspiring middle-school age girls with a broad introduction to the process of app development. Summer App Camps are being held in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. APP CAMP FOUR GIRLS


OGPC is the only state-wide game programming competition in Oregon. It introduces middle and high school students to computer programming basics while educating them in science and current events. Teams of three to seven middle or high school students create computer games designed to be fun, challenging and innovative around a socially responsible annual theme. Teams present their games to industry professionals and are awarded in several categories during the statewide competition in late April or early May. OGPC



Bitforest is the online home for Eugene Area Game Developers, connecting the various talented individuals of our community with events, discussions, and project galleries. It’s also intended to give newcomers and onlookers a better idea of the stuff happening in the gaming community. BITFOREST




Pixel Arts is dedicated to open sourcing social transformation through video games. Our mission is to create safe, intergenerational learning spaces to play, build and design games together.  We believe that shared creation and education provides value to our communities. PIXEL ARTS