Community Projects

Innovate Oregon brings together leaders and grassroots organizations to solve large, complex challenges in our communities. By doing so, we are not only quickly and creatively solving problems, we are also modeling an agile innovation culture that infuses civic organizations,  companies and  talent development communities.  This culture allows new possibilities to be imagined. Here are a few of the projects currently happening around Oregon:


IA/David Douglas

Innovation Academy, TAO FoundationWe are launching a summer Innovation Academy for incoming freshman at David Douglas High School, a school in a lower-income, multicultural community.  The 4-week program will introduce students to the skills and mindsets of innovation in one of  3 modules:  robotics, coding or design.  The students will emerge with a new-found confidence as makers and creators of  solutions.


Innovation Summit

io_logo-oWe are bringing together superintendents, community and industry leaders at  a Summit to re-imaging how, by working together, we can better empower our students to become the creative and skilled problem solvers needed to build an inclusive, innovation-based economy.


Smart Cities Challenge

smartcitieshackathon-300x134-2A Portland team is participating in the Global City Teams Challenge, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Using data from transportation and air quality sensors along SE Powell Boulevard in Portland, this Internet of Things (IoT) project brought together government representatives, university researchers, industry professionals and students in a series of events, including a hackathon to frame out solutions for residents, city planners and researchers. Solutions developed for this project were presented in front of over 1,500 people at a national conference in Washington D.C.



Innovation Academy, TAO FoundationWe launched an Innovation Academy at Dayton High School as part of required class for their students. In this class, students participated in a design sprint for a mobile app and also began to build a foundation in computational thinking and coding. In this program we prototyped a new agile learning model that integrated individualized, team and community learning experiences to accelerate and inspire the learning process. This model is now being adopted throughout the school.



Innovation Academy, TAO FoundationInnovate Oregon and HALO, in partnership with the City of Independence, InCite, Western Oregon University (WOU) and others is creating a pilot program to introduce foundational skills and mindsets needed in a digitally enabled, innovation economy.  HALO a non-profit organization,  provides free training, education, guidance, and mentoring opportunities to emerging leaders in Polk County who demonstrate motivation but may lack necessary resources.



hackoregonIntegrating IoT and other digitally-based technology with agriculture offers tremendous opportunities to increase efficiencies and crop yields. In the fall of 2015, Hack Oregon will launch a project that will prototype the integration of data from multiple sources including sensors, drones and terrestrial robots. Through  data analysis, visualization and manipulation farmers will  strengthen their decision-making abilities to improve sustainable practices.


BBBS Mobile App

Innovation Academy, TAO FoundationWe are working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, industry professionals and students from Lincoln High School and Portland State University to develop a mobile app that will allow the organization to better communicate and collaborate with its mentors and students.


IoT Workshops

Innovation Academy, TAO FoundationFollowing the success of a student panel as part of Portland’s ThingWeek, we are launching a series of student workshops to introduce students to the Internet of Things devices so that they can become the creators and makers of new IoT solutions.