Similar to the Dallas, Oregon LaCreole Middle School make-a-thon, Central Oregon held a make-a-thon at Sky View Middle School on November 15, 2017. The make-a-thon was coordinated by the High Desert Education Service District and put on by Innovate Oregon and Sparkfun. Approximately 35 Sky View middle-schoolers, educators, and community members worked in teams to ideate, design and hack-make the prototype of an automated chicken coop, automated greenhouse, or a digital pet.

Sparkfun instructor Derek Runberg, started the event with a crash course in writing code and electronic circuit design. Each team got a  Sparkfun kit, which includes a computer and maker-board that lets designers connect and actuate mechanisms like LED lights, directional servos, and motors. The teams used computers to write Arduino software programs that control the hardware.  And the teams used other materials such as cardboard, tape, and glue, along with the Sparkfun components, to build their prototype “products.” Read the entire article from The Bulletin.

BVBA Administrator