On January 15, 2019, LaCreole Middle School held its first STEAM Exhibition Night of the year. These events are designed to allow students to act as ambassadors of their learning. This event revolved around student projects and activities generally considered to be under the umbrella of integrated curriculum known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Students took the lead in explaining their projects, their learning through their struggles and successes, and in some cases, giving their audience a hands on experience. A variety of student projects were exhibited including drone automation, robot programming, environmental studies, art innovations, stop motion creation and CNC design and operation to name a few. This event was proof of just how capable our students are at exhibiting their projects, and these experiences can be the key to deeper learning.

The night was hosted in part by our newly formed Innovate Dallas leadership with invited community members to further see the great things going on in schools. These partnerships are at the heart of our Innovate Dallas initiative used to create a true community of learners, and recognizing our schools have great stories to tell.  We are proud of the work going on in our schools, and the potential of making authentic connections with our Dallas partners.

BVBA Administrator