On June 6, 2019, Construct and Innovate Oregon announced they are joining efforts to support educators in expanding education innovation across Oregon and the region. To help lead the expansion, Construct hired Jami Fluke, most recently principal of Dayton middle and high schools. Under Jami’s leadership, Dayton was the first community and school district to participate in the Innovate Oregon program and undertook Construct’s Breakaway training as well, both in 2016. Her innovative efforts helped Dayton graduation rates soar to 96.8% in 2018.

Together, Construct and Innovate Oregon will focus on empowering and supporting students, teachers, and principals to transform learning environments in a way that empowers young people to engage in deeper learning, build their creative confidence, and experience design challenges that address real world problems. Now in its sixth year, Construct has already engaged an estimated 60 principals, 330 teachers and 2,300 young people across Oregon through School Retool, Breakaway Teacher workshops, and Breaker Student design challenges. Construct was recently named a model 3 partner of School Retool, a Stanford d.School K12 Lab initiative.

“Our education system is designed to deliver the very outcomes we are currently seeing. The school leaders we engage through School Retool first develop an Aspiration for Equity and Inclusion across their campus and then use design-thinking to realize entirely new outcomes” said Construct founder, Gina Condon.

Edu-innovator and former Dayton principal, Jami Fluke joined Construct because, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work alongside school leaders who are passionate about changing education. It brings me great joy to know that there are many educators who believe that something needs to change for our students and they have the courage to step into the work. My previous work with Construct was pivotal in the path of transformation that took place in Dayton and I am looking forward to being a part of a team of leaders who are committed to continuing this journey with educators across the state.”

BVBA Administrator