Construct, in partnership with the Portland I/Q and College Possible, will launch the 6th annual Breaker student design challenge: The Future of Health and Wellness. The challenge tackles how might we: reduce the rate of diabetes across segments of our population, increase access to healthy & nutritious foods, inspire people to embrace physical activity as preventative care? Meet the Student Designers:

Lucero Perez (17), David Douglas High School
Daniel Cruz (17), David Douglas High School
Stephan Kayan (18), David Douglas High School
Riya Kates (16), Edison School
Faustina Than (17), Parkrose High School
John Michael Mertz (17), Parkrose High School
Oscar-Vinh Nguyen (16), Parkrose High School
Jose Hernandez (17), Reynolds High School
EH Hser (17), Reynolds High School
Poe Dah (17), Reynolds High Scool
Mia Bratcher (17), Centennial High School
Florance Hazrati (16), Centennial High School
Edith Misaki (16), Centennial High School
Ramon Cuevas Palma (16), David Douglas High School
Amina Opshytosh (17), Centennial High School

These students will enjoy 10 immersive days in the challenge:
MONDAY, JUNE 17: Call to Action
TUESDAY, JUNE 18: Intro to Empathy
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19: Empathy work in the field
THURSDAY, JUNE 20: Synthesis / User Point of View
FRIDAY, JUNE 21: Ideation
MONDAY, JUNE 24: Prototype
TUESDAY, JUNE 25: Test, Refine and Rebuild
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26: Business Modeling, Iteration
THURSDAY, JUNE 27: Storytelling
FRIDAY, JUNE 28: Pitch Day

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